1100 Series :: Kingston

Decorative Flare

Pole Dimensions
Pole No. Above Ground Height (A) Burial Depth (B) Tip Diameter Base Diameter (C) Est. Pole Weight (lbs)
Note Available with decorative folium top. Static Cast-in-place.
D1114 14' 4' 4-3/4" 17" x 25" 1,850

Multiple Color Options

  • Charcoal BlackCB
  • Terra CottaTC
  • Sedona RedCB
  • Kelly GreenCB
  • Midnight BlackCB
  • Alpine WhiteCB
  • Rustic RedCB
  • Antique RedCB
  • Sky GrayCB
  • Salt and PepperCB
  • Red GraniteCB
  • Earthtone RedCB
Pole Code
Mounting Type Series + Height Color Finish Sealer Options
Standard Code: D1114 - SG - EA - L
(D) Direct Burial 1114 (SG) Sky Gray
(MS) Midnight Sky Black
(CB) Charcoal Black
(SP) Salt & Pepper
(AW) Alpine White
(TC) Terra Cotta
(RG) Red Granite
(RR) Rustic Red
(SR) Sedona Red
(ER) Earthtone Red
(AR) Antique Red
(KG) Kelly Green
(E) Etched (A) Acrylic
(W) Waterseal
(G) Anti-Graffiti
(B) Banner Arm
(I) Threaded Insert
(L) Foilum
(O) Outlet
(T) Tenon